Our Welcome Home Care Service is best suited for clients returning home after a stay in the hospital. This service is designed to aid those clients who are returning home after being discharged from the hospital due to surgery or long term illness, and need support to aid recovery.  It includes the following:

  • Shopping

This can be done before someone returns home, to ensure they have the basic groceries in the house upon return from hospital.  This service can later be continued on a weekly basis, or as and when needed.

  • Home Coming Preparation

Whilst a client is in hospital, we can visit their home to prepare for their homecoming.  This entails ensuring the food left in the refrigerator is still in date, and any out of date products are disposed of. If necessary, we can also restock out of date items. We would be more than happy to carry out  light domestic duties in the clients’ absence  (such as hovering, changing the beds, dusting and others) to ensure that when the client returns home, the house is in order.

  • Personal Care

Assist with all aspects of personal care, including bathing, showering, dressing.

  • Domestics

Include hovering, changing beds, washing, ironing and other light domestic duties.

  • Meal Preparations

Assist in preparing and cooking fresh food and homemade meals.