It is forecasted that by 2021, there will be approximately 940,000 people living with dementia in the UK. This figure is expected to rise to 1.7 million by 2050.

Currently there are thousands of families who require specialized dementia care for their loved ones, and the number of families requiring such care will only increase in the future.

At True Homecare we fully understand how dementia can drastically change people’s lives. We are also aware of the impacts dementia may have on individuals and their families. No doubt this is a very frightening experience for both the individuals and their families. We know how frightening and confusing it can be for an individual to gradually lose the ability to remember, plan, use language and hence lose control of one’s life. And we also know how painful it can be for the family and friends of someone suffering from dementia to see their loved gradually change from the person they once knew, to someone now trying to cope with these changes.

Our carers are fully trained to understand all the challenges that accompany caring for someone with dementia, and can help the person to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth. We provide exclusive domiciliary care support to assist people with dementia live comfortably in their own homes, for as long as they are able. We ensure each client receives good professional service along-with respect and kindness.

Our dementia trained staff help our clients maintain their confidence, independence and lifestyles. We provide tailor made care plans based on our clients’ needs and preferences. We provide consistency of care in the clients own homes, and hence support them to remain in their own homes for a long as possible.


Alzheimer’s disease is a physical disease that affects the brain. It is a progressive disease. This means that gradually, over time, more parts of the brain are damaged. As this happens, more symptoms may develop. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are generally mild to start with, but they usually get worse over time and start to interfere with daily life.

Some of the most common symptoms include memory lapses, problems with other aspects of thinking, reasoning, perception or communication. People with Alzheimer’s may have difficulties with language, concentration, planning and organising. These may be accompanied by mood swings, and becoming anxious, irritable or depressed. In the later stages of Alzheimer’s, people may have difficulties eating, or walking without help. Eventually, the person may need help with all their daily activities.

No doubt living with a condition such as Alzheimer’s can be extremely challenging, and individuals may require support at different levels with even the simplest of tasks.

As part of our Alzheimer’s Care Program, our carers are trained to provide the following services:

1. Provide companionship

2. Maintain a safe environment

3. Manage challenging behaviours

4. Provide mind stimulating activities

5. Create social interaction

6. Provide nutritious meals

7. Supervise daily activities

8. ….and much more…..

We offer bespoke care packages to our clients, which include assistance with whatever our clients may feel they need. Our bespoke packages are designed to assist our clients in regaining the simplest pleasures of life. These may include, amongst many other things, a drive in the car, spending time with them indoors, having a chat with them, taking them out for a walk in the park, or anything else the clients may wish to do.