Is True Homecare registered with the appropriate bodies / professional associations?

Yes, True Homecare is registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are proud of being on the Preferred Providers List of the Stockport Council.
How is the level of care to be provided to a client, assessed?

Upon receiving a call from a potential client, an initial assessment of all the clients’ needs is made, including both medical and non-medical (personal) needs. We engage with the client/clients’ family to thoroughly understand the level of care expected from us. Our Care Manager will arrange a visit to discuss your needs further and to talk to you about what we can offer.

After conducting a thorough needs assessment, including gathering information from all the people that play a part in our client’s life socially or medically in order to provide a customized, tailor-made client-centric service. We select appropriate carers based upon the needs assessment conducted by our team.

What do you mean by a Customized, Tailor-Made Care Plan?

With clearly defined objectives, we devise a customized care package for each of our clients. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach to caring for our clients, we understand each client is unique in his/her needs. Along-with providing care, we place a lot of emphasis upon the safety of each of our clients.

A Customized Care Plan will be developed and agreed to ensure that we all know what we aim to achieve. Our Care Plans are not fixed or inflexible. We develop an ‘open’ Care Plan that means that our clients can choose what they want to do, and how and when they want to do it. We take on the daily responsibilities of providing care and ensuring that our clients remain safe and secure. We enable friends and families to spend quality time together enjoying the activities that they choose whilst we take care of the necessary daily duties and tasks.

What training do carers receive?

All our Care Staff are professionally trained and have extensive experience in providing care. As part of the True Homecare team, all our carers receive additional, comprehensive in-house training, to ensure that they meet the high standards that we set for all carers. In addition to this all carers receive ‘on the job’ training to ensure the individual needs of our clients are attended to. On-going training and development, regular updates and careful management by our experienced Care Manager, all ensure that we consistently exceed industry standards, such as the Skills for Care recommendations.
What quality monitoring/assurance systems are in place?

Our Care Manager have a wealth of experience in monitoring the provision of care, and in seeing that everything is as it should be. We make regular telephone contact with our carers, clients and their representatives. We talk to our clients in confidence to ensure any concerns are raised. We build a relationship that promotes trust between us and our clients and ensure they are never worried about complaining. We have an on call support line for clients and carers alike, so help and advice is available at all times should it be required. We exceed the Care Quality Commission essential standards of quality and safety. We regularly conduct Quality Reviews with the clients to get their feedback and suggestions on the service they are receiving.
What tasks will my care worker carry out?

Once a Care plan is agreed upon, this then becomes the task lists for each day. We are continuously working on improving our service delivery thus, care plans are frequently updated to ensure we are proving the appropriate level of care.
What if I don't like my care package or want to make changes?

Our experience has taught us that the needs of a client changes very often. This is why we review our care plans on a regular basis. We welcome any kind of feedback from the client’s family and are happy to incorporate it in the care plan.
What happens if my needs change?

Continues reassessment of the care provided ensures any change in level of care provided is accounted for.
What do I do if I need to change my call?

No problem: just call the office, preferably 24hours in advance, or by midday on Friday for weekend calls and we shall do our best to meet your requirements. We endeavor to accommodate the individual needs of all our clients, and we appreciate that medical appointments and family visits require care calls to be rescheduled.
Is there anything that my care worker is not able to do?

Once we have established exactly what you want on each visit, we will work to that list. We will write out a detailed care plan that will be maintained in your home file. The care plan will be bespoke to your needs and requirements and it will be followed by the carers. We are not able to give injections or change sterile dressings. Also, we cannot carry out tasks which are likely to cause risk to either the client or to the carer. Tasks will be agreed with you in advance. Any changes to the care plan can be discussed with the Care Manager and added in as requested.
Are the carers trained to prepare meals?

Yes, our carers are able to prepare meals. From basic microwaved food to three course gourmet cuisines.
Will I be provided by the same carer each day?

Primarily yes, our clients are assigned a main carer. However, all our carers work in small teams and most work set evenings and every other weekend, so you will get to know the carers in that team. If you have only one call a week you will receive the same carer. In the event of your regular carer’s absence, you will always have a carer you have met before. All our carers are introduced to you by the care manager, care coordinator, or your regular carer, so you will always have a familiar face at your door.

We very rarely have just one care worker assigned to a particular client. This allows for periods of time where your care worker may be away on holiday. However we do try to keep the number of your care workers to an absolute minimum.

What do I do if my carer is late?

If your carer has not arrived within 10 minutes of your scheduled time, please call us on the office number and we will contact your carer and let you know when to expect them. We do ask our staff to call us if they are running late to enable us to notify our clients, but sometimes there is an emergency and they do not always have chance to ring us.
How can I be sure that my care worker will stay the full period of the care visit and carry out all the tasks?

We take a considered and comprehensive approach to ensuring that your care service is exactly what is required. After every visit the carer will write the details of activities undertaken during the visit in the care plan notes (which is retained by the client). These care plan notes for each month are brought back to our office at the beginning of each new month, where they are checked.
What about my personal security?

Every member of the True Homecare team has been through a rigorous vetting procedure before they start working with us. In addition, all staff will always be in uniform and carry a personalised identification card which shows their name, photograph and signature.
What safeguards do I have?

True Homecare is a preferred provider of the Stockport Council, and also Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These bodies set the minimum standards by which we operate, however in every case we seek to exceed these minimum standards by a significant margin. Both of these bodies have standards which set out how we should operate.
What is your approach to dementia care?

True Homecare is an experienced provider of all levels of dementia care. This means that our carers know the importance of ensuring the safety and dignity of our clients and minimizing their anxiety whilst providing companionship delivered with compassion, diligence and sensitivity. We have a good understanding of how dementia affects the client and those close to them.
How much does the True Homecare services cost and can I get any help with the fees?

The cost will depend on the level of care that we have been asked to provide, and an individual assessment will be made, free of charge.

We have a range of prices depending on your care needs, starting from £14 per hour. Following your initial assessment we provide you with a tailor-made care package to suit your needs, and our price quotation.

Some people will be entitled to assistance with the cost of their care either from their local Social Services office or via other Government grants.

How do I pay for my care?

We send the bill once a forthnight (i.e. 1st and the 15th of each month). Mode of payment is: Direct Debit, Standing Order and Cheque Payment.
Can I contact the office outside of hours if I need to?

Yes you can. Our offices are normally open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Apart from this, we operate an out-of-hours emergency service which is manned from 7am to 10pm.

After office hours the telephone is transferred to the On Call service. Please leave a message with the service and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. This service includes Weekends and Bank Holidays.

If you dial the office number, there will always be someone at the end of the telephone line to assist with any emergencies about your care.

How do I arrange a care service with True Homecare?

Contact True Homecare and make an appointment for us to visit you for a chat about how we can work for you. We are happy to visit you at home to discuss ways we can help and then, once you have decided, you simply leave the rest to us!
Is it possible to start care right away?

We can start the care package once all the necessary procedures have been completed. This does take time and is not something we like to rush. On average we ask that you give us 7 days once the assessment has taken place. We can and have however, in exceptional circumstances, supplied care in shorter periods than this.