Mr. B.M

My mother has been using True Homecare for almost two years and have been delighted with their services. I live abroad and am happy to leave the care to someone i love in the hands of these lovely people. I am only a sprightly 70 year old but when i become elderly i hope these ladies, or others just like them, are around to look after me.

Testimonial by Mr P. A

My wife was confined to a wheelchair for 22 years and had many care agencies over this period.  For the  last two years, a new care service TRUE HOMECARE has supplied her care. Their agency is the only one I would give a five star rating for their care, friendship and professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend TRUE HOMECARE to anyone.

Testimonial by Mr. N. G.

E was the chief carer for my mother for over 6 months. When E was introduced to my mother, it struck me how easily and instantly they struck up a rapport. It was obvious that E was an extremely caring, thoughtful, attentive person and this quickly transmitted itself to my mother, who always looked forward to her visits. When E visited, her prime concern was to do the very best for my mother. It was never a case of just carrying out basic, designated tasks within a limited timescale, it was all about how she could best help my mum and brighten up her day - and this she certainly did! I always found it very comforting when I knew E was visiting as I knew she was in very good hands. And if the need arose, she would always be willing to do that little bit extra, even if it took up some of her own time.

What our clients say

I have been having care at home for 20 years and True Homecare are the best I have ever had! They are always on time and I get the same group of carers. Continuity of care is very important to me!

By Our Staff

My time working for True Homecare has been a very pleasant one. I love my job and we have a great bunch of girls to work with. On the whole the management have been great with me, understanding my problems and helping me in any way they can. I have been offered all the training available to me which I've enjoyed and I am looking forward to doing more training this year.

Testimonial by Family of Mr. R.I

Dear True Homecare Team,

I am writing to you following the loss of my father, who was cared for by your True Homecare for his last years. Without the kindness and devotion of your staff, my father would not have been able to live so independently for as long as he did. It meant so much to my brother and me, as we lived far away, it was so comforting to know that he was being looked after so well. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff that came to care for dad, the list is endless, anything from buying him a loaf of bread or staying with him while he was admitted to hospital, or just chatting with him. I do feel that you should change the name to True Angels because that's what all of you have been to me and my family, we will have so many lovely memories thanks to you guys. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

M, D, E, JC, ER and all of our extended family X