Overnight Care Services

Providing the best overnight care services for those in need is at the heart of what we do at True Homecare. By opting for our overnight care services, both our clients and their families can enjoy peace of mind and enhanced levels of safety and security. Our professional caregivers focus on offering comprehensive and compassionate care and help make nighttime a worry-free time for both our clients and their families. 

Why Overnight Care Services Are Essential?

Our Overnight care is provided by private night carers and is essential for those who need support and assistance during the night. You might need overnight services for several reasons, including medical conditions, recovery from surgery, or simply needing companionship. True Homecare can be your trusted companion for night care services.  Our compassionate and friendly caregivers ensure the well-being and comfort of our clients throughout the night.

Here is why overnight care is essential:

  • Continuous Support and Supervision: 

Support and assistance are available throughout the night for any emergencies or needs. 

  • Enhanced Safety: 

Night carers for your family members ensure that they stay safe during the night, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.  

  • Peace of Mind: 

Families can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are well cared for.  

  • Immediate Response: 

In case of emergencies, an adult night carer at home responds immediately.

  • Professional Care: 

Our skilled and professional night carers provide expert support and care whenever and wherever needed.

  • Emotional Support: 

Our night carers also offer emotional support, keeping our clients stress and anxiety-free and helping them maintain their emotional well-being. 

Why Choose True Homecare for Overnight Care Services?

Choosing True Homecare for overnight care services means entrusting your loved ones to a team committed to excellence and compassionate care. Our dedication to providing high-quality adult night care at home is evident in every aspect of our service.

  • Experienced and Skilled Team

Our team at True Homecare comprises highly trained professionals, including care managers, care coordinators, and caregivers. Each member is dedicated to providing expert care and support. With years of experience in the field, our caregivers are adept at handling various nighttime needs, guaranteeing the well-being of our clients.

  • Comprehensive Nature of Services

We offer a wide range of interrelated services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you need respite care, domiciliary care, night care for dementia and Alzheimer’s, stroke care, or long-term condition support, we at True Homecare ensure that all your care needs are met with professionalism, compassion, and dedication. The comprehensive nature of our adult night care services guarantees that our clients receive continuous care throughout the night.

  • Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

At True Homecare, we work alongside other healthcare professionals such as district nurses, GPs, hospitals, and pharmacists. This collaboration makes sure that our clients receive coordinated and comprehensive care. By liaising with GPs, pharmacists, and district nurses, we ensure that all medical needs, including the in-home adult medical night care needs, are fulfilled to the highest standards.

  • Commitment to Ethical Care

We work under the Ethical Framework by Stockport Council, which means that our services are ethical, respectful, and focused on the best interests of our clients. 

  • Client-Centred Approach

Our focus is always on the client and their family. We offer personalized care plans that not only cater to the specific needs of our clients but also offer respite and peace of mind to family members, ensuring that everyone benefits from our night care services.

If you are looking for reliable and compassionate overnight care, contact True Homecare today. Our experienced team is ready to provide the support and care your loved ones deserve.

Types of Overnight Care Services We Provide

At True Homecare, we offer a number of overnight care services to meet the varying needs of our clients. Each of our services is designed to provide specific support to keep our clients safe and protected throughout the night.

  • Sleeping Night Care

Sleeping Night care is a sleep-in service where a caregiver sleeps in the home but is available for occasional assistance. This service is ideal for those who need minimal help at night but still want the security of having someone nearby.

  • Waking Night Care

This is a waking night service where a caregiver stays awake and provides continuous support throughout the night. This service is perfect for clients who need regular support and assistance.

  • Personal Care

Our caregivers also provide personal care and can assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, and other personal hygiene needs so that our clients can start and end their day with dignity.

  • Health Monitoring

Our trained caregivers regularly check and supervise your health, monitoring your vitals and providing immediate response to any health concern.

  • Medication Management

Our senior night carers and caregivers for other age groups manage medication as well. They make sure that the medication is taken on time and as prescribed so as to maintain overall well-being.

  • Companion Care

We understand that loneliness can trigger anxiety and depression. Hence, our night carers for the elderly and other age groups provide company and emotional support. Their comforting presence helps our clients manage their feelings of emotional stress.

  • Incontinence Care

We also offer incontinence care discreetly and respectfully and make sure that our clients remain clean and comfortable throughout the night.

Benefits of Choosing Our Overnight Care Services

Choosing True Homecare for overnight care needs comes with a number of benefits, such as making sure that our clients and their families get the highest standard of support and assistance. Here are some other advantages of choosing an overnight care service.

Personalized Care Plans: We thoroughly assess the needs of our clients and get in touch with their families to ensure that our clients get the care they need.

Experienced Caregivers: Our professional and friendly night carers have got extensive experience in providing overnight care and fulfilling your needs effectively

Enhanced Safety: With a night carer by your side, there is a reduced risk of falls and nighttime injuries, giving peace of mind to both the client and their family.

Peace of Mind: Both our clients and their families can rest assured knowing that help is available. 

Comprehensive Support: We offer extensive support, from respite care and personal care to companionship, to ensure all your nighttime needs are fulfilled.Flexibility: At True Homecare, we understand that every individual’s needs are constantly evolving; hence, we offer flexible services that are well-adapted to our clients’ changing care requirements, ensuring continuous support.

Overnight care includes help with personal care, health monitoring, medication management, companionship, and incontinence care. Depending on the client's needs, our caregivers can also provide sleeping or waking night care.
In order to develop personalized care plans for overnight care, we thoroughly assess the needs of our clients, their preferences, and their health conditions. We also get in touch with their families to make sure all their requirements are met.
Sleeping night care involves a caregiver who sleeps in the client’s home and is available for occasional assistance. While waking night care involves a caregiver who stays awake and provides continuous support throughout the night.
If you or your loved one need assistance during nighttime hours, have health conditions that require regular monitoring, or want the reassurance of having someone nearby, then overnight care is right for you. Moreover, overnight care is particularly beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s disease or dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Yes, overnight care is suitable for people with dementia, as it offers continuous support and safety by addressing any nighttime wanderings or confusion.
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