Personal Care Services

Imagine being surrounded by the comfort of familiar sights and surroundings while you or your loved one receives the support and care you need. Our Team at True Homecare is committed to bringing this joy and comfort into your life through our wide range of at-home personal care services. So, you can maintain your independence, dignity, and quality of life within the coziness of your home.

Understanding Personal Care Services:

What are personal care services?

Personal care services are meant to help and support our clients in their daily lives by managing a wide range of activities. This support is necessary for specially-abled individuals, those recovering from surgery, those needing a little assistance due to old age, or anyone who just wants support in completing their daily routine.

Importance of Personal Care Services?

A good personal care service is a game changer for people in need of assistance; it not only provides our clients with practical assistance but also enhances your life. Here are some key reasons why choosing in-home personal care services will improve your life.

Maintaining hygiene:  

These services help our clients stay on top of their hygiene game. They help with bathing, dressing, and grooming and keep their hygiene in check.

Enhanced Comfort

Choosing True Homecare for personal care services helps our clients receive care within the familiarity of their house, improving their physical and emotional health. 

Increased Independence

Having skilled professionals help with daily tasks will allow our clients to live with dignity without completely relying on their family members. this service also ensures that the family members get some respite and can focus on their relationship with their loved ones.


The safety and security of our clients are always our top priority. Knowing someone is there to ensure everything is secure can not only reduce the risk of falls and other accidents but can also give our clients and their family members immense peace of mind. 

Help with mobility and transferring.

For some people, moving around the house can be very difficult. However, with personal care services, you will always have a helping hand to ensure safe movement and transfer. moreover, we also help our socialize by taking them to the movies and for a walk in the park and helping them to get to their doctor’s appointments.

Support with toileting and incontinence care

No one likes to discuss it, but toileting and incontinence care are very important. We at True Homecare understand the sensitivity of this situation and are committed to providing our clients with dignified support.

Aid with eating and drinking

Meal times can be challenging for people who require assistance. Our experienced professional staff takes care of this. They can assist with eating and drinking, ensuring your loved one gets the proper nourishment.

Monitoring of medication and health status

Good personal care services will ensure that medications are taken as prescribed and that your health status is monitored. 

Why Choose True Homecare for Personal Care Services?

By choosing True Homecare, you can rest assured that you have entrusted your loved ones to a team of compassionate, dedicated, skilled professionals. We take pride in our commitment to providing our clients with care plans tailored to their needs. Our collaboration with healthcare professionals ensures high-quality personal care home services that enhance our client’s quality of life.

Experienced Team

At True Homecare, we have an exceptional team of skilled professionals, care managers, care coordinators, and caregivers who are experts in providing home care in different fields such as End-of-Life Care, Domiciliary Care Service Page, Alzheimer and Dementia Care, Stroke Care, Long-Term Condition Support, Respite Care, Elderly Companionship Services. They are compassionate, dedicated, and committed to making your experience seamless. 

Tailored Care Plans

We understand that every client has their own needs and preferences. This is why we offer flexible and personalized care plans that guarantee our clients get the care they deserve. 

Strong Community Reputation

We have built a strong reputation in the community through our reliable and high-quality personal home care services because we value compassion, dignity, respect, and professionalism in everything we do.  

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

True Homecare collaborates with other healthcare professionals, such as district nurses, GPs, hospitals, and pharmacists, to ensure comprehensive care. By liaising with GPs and working on Stockport Council’s ethical framework, we ensure that our personal care home health services meet high ethical standards.

Our Personal Care Services:

Our services at True Homecare are tailored to meet the unique needs of all our clients. Let’s dive into the wide range of services that we offer:

Assistance with bathing:

Our professional team of skilled professionals, care managers, care coordinators and caregivers are equipped with top-notch skills to help our clients maintain good and healthy personal hygiene. Whether bathing or keeping your appearance fresh, our team will help you keep up with your hygiene routine.

Mobility Assistance

We understand that while recovering from a medical procedure, our clients might need a little help moving around safely. Have no fear; Tue Homecare has qualified professionals, care managers, care coordinators and caregivers who can assist you in mobility and transferring safely.

Meal Preparation

At True Homecare, we also offer meal preparation services so you or your loved ones do not have to go through the hassle of meal prep. We will make sure that you receive nutritious meals on time.

Medication Management

Managing medicine while recovering can be a difficult task. You can lay back and relax while our team of expert professionals, care managers, care coordinators and caregivers coordinates your doses and ensures you take your medicine as prescribed.

Incontinence Care

Our highly skilled team is well-trained to help with toileting and managing incontinence in a dignified and respectful way so our clients and their family members will feel comfortable and not embarrassed at all.


The inability to carry on with our normal routine can lead to isolation or depression. At True Homecare, we are committed to combating this and providing our clients with companionship services. Through our companionship services, we ensure that your daily tasks are as seamless as possible so you can continue enjoying being a part of the community.

24-hour Support

True Homecare has you covered with 24-hour support. Our round-the-clock service ensures that someone is always available to help, regardless of the time.

Waking Nights and Sleeping Nights

Whether your loved one needs someone staying awake at night to be available when needed or just available at night, True Homecare is the right choice for you. With our skilled professionals looking out for your loved one, you can rest assured that someone is keeping an eye on things and is ready to assist when needed.

Accompaniment for Activities

True Homecare knows the importance of staying active and engaged. For this, we have many facilities. We take our clients out for fun activities, hospital visits, trips to the movies, or relaxing trips to the park.

Benefits of Choosing Our Personal Care Services

By Choosing True Homecare, our clients get many benefits, the most important being that our clients can make their and their loved one’s lives easy. The benefits we provide are:

Personalized Support

Our professional and flexible care plans are designed to meet the ever-evolving and unique needs of our clients. Their preferences and requirements are our top priority. 

Professional Carers

Our team of skilled professionals, care managers, care coordinators, and caregivers who are experts in providing home care ensures that our personal care services for the elderly and others who need assistance are exceptional. 

Enhanced Quality of Life

Our skilled and dedicated team’s support to our clients ensures they have a good quality of life and maintain their independence with dignity.

Peace of Mind

With our team taking care of the logistics, family members of our clients can sit back, relax, enjoy their own lives, and spend quality time with them without worrying about their care.

Emotional Support

We understand that emotional well-being is crucial for overall health. Our team provides emotional support to our clients and their families, ensuring they feel understood, valued, and cared for throughout their journey with us.Personal care services are key to staying healthy and independent. True Homecare offers compassionate, tailored care for your loved one’s needs. Call our support team now to book your personal care plan for yourself or your loved one.

Personal care services include anything related to maintaining hygiene, like bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also include services like mobility, companionship, meal preparation, medication management, continence care, etc.
Planning perfect personal care services at home involves following rigorous steps. First, we assess our client's wishes and requirements. Then, we consult their family members for their input. We create a customized care plan for our clients only after gathering the required information.
Absolutely! Your comfort and well-being are our top priority. We at True Homecare regularly review and update our care plans to remain effective and relevant as you evolve.
Our team at True Homecare is composed of skilled professionals, care managers, care coordinators, and caregivers who are experts in providing home care. They undergo rigorous training to provide our clients with the highest standard of care.
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